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welcome to expensis
A place for people who are sick of trumbling around the shop trying to find the best deals or seeking voucher online.
Our aim is to
Make consumers' lives easier by pooling knowledge, advices and support.

we accomplish this by
     * providing financial tricks
    * showing people how to earn additional streams of income

                     who we are              
Expensis was conceived in early 2000 by a bunch of newly parents trying to put the world to right. The idea was to create and develop a consumer group who can talk with corporates.

Financial services and travel are the most search things online
But most people still get no financial education
Today people are focusing on cutting down their personal debt and save money.
Corporates are doing strategic mergers to save money or win more
Why consumers can’t do the same?

  expensis solution
Bring the consumers together in order to become financially independent.

 We offer a way 
     * enabling people to control their finances
    * gain money from their buyings
    * and help them feel more confident about what they are buying.

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